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QCC’s Extended Format Police Academy Graduates Its First Class

Contact: Karen Hutner
Office of Institutional Communications
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WORCESTER, MA— July 7, 2022— Quinsigamond Community College’s (QCC) Police Academy made history recently when the first class of 12 officers graduated from the Academy’s new extended format program. The Academy’s new format runs courses during the evenings and on weekends. Graduates from the program are eligible for entry-level hiring into a law enforcement agency, pending a department’s specific requirements and standards. According to Academy Deputy Director, Captain Joseph Cecchi, all 12 graduates have already been hired into full-time police officer positions.

During the Academy’s graduation ceremony, QCC’s Chief of Police and Director of the Police Academy, Kevin Ritacco, reiterated principles that officers learned throughout their nine months of training such as humility, compassion, and integrity.  

“You are called upon to be a leader and protector in your community and your role can positively change the lives of citizens. Some of the most rewarding parts of being a police officer are being on the front line and making a difference in the lives of others. The Academy program has prepared you well to enter into people's daily lives and can quite literally help you change those lives,” Chief Ritacco said. 

Class President, Officer Leon Muraguri, reflected on the program and expressed his gratitude for the support from academy staff, family, and friends.

“We, the new generation of police officers, it’s our responsibility to change that public perception, working with the community, and being part of the community. This started here. Since our first training, our Academy has been involved in various community projects such as the QCC HomePlate Food Pantry and Resource Center,” he said.

Municipal Police Training Committee (MPTC), Director of Training and Delivery, Andrea Nardone, encouraged the new officers to prioritize self-care, rely on friends and family, and look out for their fellow police officers.  

“It’s very important that you recognize from day one that your mental wellness is the most important thing that you need to take care of, because you can’t take care of anything else without that,” she said.

Worcester County District Attorney Joseph D. Early, Jr. was also in attendance to congratulate the new officers. He offered words of advice to the graduates, reminding them to always tell the truth, be good listeners, and treat others with the respect they would like to receive. He noted that the latter will be especially important when working through the current opioid crisis.

“This wonderful program, it’s second to none. Public service is truly a noble profession,” he added.

The Academy is authorized by the MPTC, under the direction of Chief Ritacco and Academy Deputy Director, Captain Joseph Cecchi.

To learn more visit QCC’s Police Academy.


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