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Room Directory

Below is a listing of rooms that have A/V equipment, and what equipment is installed.

Media Services strives to ensure that A/V equipment meet the trends of today while planning for the future.  As a result, when you are scheduled to present or teach in a room, check this directory to see what equipment is present.

If the room you will be using does not have equipment that you require, please feel free to contact us with the details of your presentation and we'll do our best to accommodate.  Please keep in mind that as technological trends change and the needs of the college change, some equipment may not be available, and may have been replaced by something else.  We welcome the opportunity to demonstrate new technology to the QCC Family!

You will see links at the bottom of the spreadsheet.  These correspond to the different buildings on the main campus, as well as our satellite campuses.

Each room's lectern has printed instructions attached to the side.  These can be very helpful when learning how to use the A/V system inside the lectern.  As always, feel free to contact us if you have any questions, or if there's information you need that isn't shown.