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Duplications & Conversions


Media Services has the capabilities to convert most modern and recently defunct media formats.  This means that if you have, for example, an older VHS tape that is unavailable on DVD, Media Services can convert that VHS tape to DVD or digital formats.

We can also duplicate media such as DVD videos and CD audio, as well as converting old 2x2 slides into JPEG images or PowerPoint slideshows.

Please keep in mind that QCC must err on the side of caution where it relates to Copyright Law. For non Copy written material this is not a problem, but if the materials you wish to duplicate or convert are protected under Copyright Law, we will need you to obtain a form of permission from the Copyright holder(s) before Media Services can begin working on your request. 

For more information on Copyright, please visit QCC’s Copyright/IP Policy.

Please also note that bulk conversion or duplication projects may take a while to complete. To this end, please submit your request and materials as early as possible while also informing Media Services of your deadlines.