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Transparency Overhead Projectors

Transparency Overhead Projector

Transparency Overhead Projectors are as ubiquitous as any unit of instructional technology and likely need little explanation.

Transparency overhead projectors use transparent sheets - either pre-loaded with materials or written live with a dry erase marker - and projects them using light and mirrors onto a screen, wall or whiteboard.

As technologies have advanced rapidly over the last 15 years, transparency overhead projectors are growing more redundant next to their modern counterpart: the Document Camera.

A standard QCC classroom will generally have a document camera rather than a transparency overhead projector, but there are a handful of classes that have not received the document camera upgrades yet, thus transparency overhead projectors are available 24/7 in these locations.

On rare occasion a Transparency Overhead Projector is a better option for a faculty member or student. In these cases a Transparency Overhead Projector may be requested for delivery at the location and time of your choosing.

Please note that Media Services does not carry or supply transparency sheets or markers. QCC Print Shop can reproduce educational materials onto transparency sheets and can likely assist you in finding blank sheets if required.