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Flip Video Camera

Flip Video Camera

“FlipCams” are compact digital video recorders designed simplicity and ease of use for a more consumer oriented market. While these cameras will not compare to the professional grade cameras we use to record major events on campus, they do compare favorably with the standard smartphone video cameras commonly used today.

Our FlipCams record in 720p, which is the low end of the high-definition standard. The unit is a built in microphone and connects instantly to any computer with a flip-out USB connection. The camera will appear to the computer like a USB drive, and you may copy the video files - which are recorded to the MP4 format - off of the camera and onto your own storage device.

FlipCams are often used in public speaking courses to allow students to immediately view their presentations and speeches for purposes of critique. 

Our FlipCams can record up to one hour of footage before the video files need to be copied off of the device to clear room for further recordings, so please keep this in mind if longer videos are a requirement.

FlipCams can be reserved via our Media Equipment SignOut form.  If you require any post production work with the video footage, such as creating a DVD or video edits to post online, please make sure to also fill out a Production Request Form in addition to the Equipment Checkout Form.