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Document Cameras

Document Cameras

Document Cameras are the modern equivalent of the classic classroom staple: The transparency overhead projector. 

Unlike transparency overhead projectors, document cameras are not utilizing light and mirrors that limit the materials you can work with to transparent sheets.  Document cameras utilize a camera similar to those found in smartphones and webcams, so any object of appropriate size - flat or no - can be placed under the lens and viewed over our data projectors.

QCC Professors have expressed the success they have encountered using document cameras to review recent tests, quizzes and various papers.  Answers can be reviewed and corrected live with class interaction, and has been especially useful in ESL courses so all students can learn from each others written mistakes and successes.

Science and technology related courses also utilize document cameras on occasion to show close-up views of real objects such as circuit boards, rocks and minerals, etc.

The majority of QCC classrooms are pre-equipped with document cameras, but be advised that there are a handful of locations that do not. (check Classroom Contents for details).  If a document camera is required in one of these rooms, or in a non-classroom location, they are available on our Online Media Services Request Form. Media Services will bring a portable document camera, connect it for you and offer instructions on basic usage as needed.

Any classroom without a document camera will have a transparency overhead projector available by default, and vice versa. No classrooms should contain both at the same time to avoid redundancies and keep as much classroom space available as possible.