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Digital Voice Recorder

Digital Voice Recorder

Media Services has a limited supply of digital voice recorders, which are capable of recording and storing up to 138 hours of audio* recorded through a built-in microphone. An external microphone can be used for more serious recordings, but most find this unnecessary.

Transferring audio works similarly to connecting a thumb drive to a computer. Using a USB port you may connect the recorder to any computer and simply copy/paste or drag/drop your audio files - which are in the WMA format.

These files can be played on any Windows PC and on MacOS or Linux with little additional effort. Media Services can convert these recordings to the format of your choice (MP3, Audio CD, etc.) upon request.

The Olympus digital voice recorders operate on a single AAA battery, which Media Services will provide upon sign-out. For extended use we recommend having an extra battery on hand.

Digital Voice Recorders are available to be signed out on a per-semester basis or for shorter periods of time as needed. Please see our Equipment Checkout to reserve.

*Storage will vary depending on the quality settings chosen. For standard voice recordings we recommend the low quality settings, but for reference the following is a chart of audio quality versus storage:

Stereo XQ mode: approx. 8 hours 50 minutes

Stereo HQ mode: approx.17 hours 40 minutes

Stereo SP mode: approx. 35 hours 25 minutes

HQ mode: approx. 35 hours 25 minutes

SP mode: approx. 29 hours 40 minutes

LP mode: approx. 138 hours 40 minutes