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Associates Degree

The Human Service Associate Degree Program has a dual mission.  It prepares students for entry-level career positions in a wide variety of human service occupations and it provides the first two years of a course of study that will prepare the student for transfer to a four-year program in human services.  Students may select from suggested electives that will facilitate transfer to a baccalaureate program or focus on five career interest areas: generalist, mental health, addictions, gerontology or developmental disabilities.  To assure that courses selected will be applicable to educational goals, students are encouraged to meet with human service program faculty early in their studies.   

If a student has prior or current experience in human services, academic credit may be obtained from several Experience Based Education alternatives.  These credits can be applied to the Associates Degree.

Please visit the Human Services Program Overview for more information.

NOTE:  Most health and human service agencies require a CORI (Criminal Offender Record Information) for student interns and employees.  Students who wonder if a formal CORI check will show a history of criminal offenses should meet with the Program Coordinator early in their course of study, since certain offenses preclude employment in the human service field.


ElectivesGeneralistAddictionsGerontologyDev. Disability
HUS 122 — Community Developmentxxx 
IDS 142 — Health Promotion and Wellnessxxx 
PSY 121 — A Survey of Life Span Development: Conception-Deathx xx
PSY 262 — Abnormal Psychologyxx  
PSY 272 — Alcoholism: Counseling & Treatmentxx  
SOC 111 — Social Problems; Social Changex   
PSY 117 — Human Relationships and the


x xx
SOC 212 — Juvenile Delinquency & the

                 Juvenile Justice System

SOS 211 — Death and Dyingx x 
HUM 101 — Critical Thinking and Problem


x xx
CIS 111 — Micro Computer Applications for


ECE 141 — Child Abuse and Neglectx  x
MGT 211 — Principles of Managementx   

Guided Electives - students are encouraged to elect 3 courses (9 credits) from the list above.