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Turnitin - Frequently Asked Questions

Turnitin is a web based product that helps check the originality of a student's work. Turnitin is available to all faculty through Blackboard by adding a Turnitin assignment in your course.  Students will be able to access the Turnitin assignment drop through their Blackboard course if the faculty member has chosen to use this product.

Information about the company

Turnitin is the global leader in evaluating and improving student learning. The company’s cloud-based service for originality checking, online grading and peer review saves instructors time and provides rich feedback to students.


Turnitin is accessed through the course assignment.  Information on training for Blackboard can be found on our Blackboard Help page.  Information on how to submit a Turnitin assignment can be found here (Please remember that you do not login to the Turnitin website to submit your paper).  


We have linked Blackboard and Turnitin so all you will need to do is add a Turitin assignment.  You will not need to create a course and upload your class list because that information comes from Blackboard once you have created an assignment.

  • Information for faculty can be found on the Turnitin Instructor Training site.
  • UMass Amherst has training information that is closely related to how we have integrated Turnitin with Blackboard.
  • The Office of Professional Development and Distance Education offers workshops to show faculty how to use Turnitin. (Please click on the green checkmark if no workshop is scheduled to request training assistance.)

If you are having trouble in Blackboard creating or accessing Turnitin then please:

If you are having trouble with the assignment itself or uploading/attaching an assignment then please: