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Frequently Asked Questions - Hoonuit

Hoonuit provides a collection of products containing workshops, training tutorials, and assessment tools to support instruction. These are integrated with Blackboard so that instructors may link presentations on topics such as incorporating quotations in essays and citing sources. Tutorials cover over 250 software applications including MS Office and Blackboard.

Login to Blackboard and click on the "My Bb Help" tab, this will open the Help page and another menu will appear as shown below. 
Click the Hoonuit tab as shown below.

Click on the Hoonuit icon for automatic login to access and search the video tutorials.

  • Atomic Learning works best if you are using Firefox as your web browser. 
  • If you have tried to access Atomic Learning using Fire Fox and still receive an error message please fill out the "Submit a Question" form below or contact the IT Help Desk.

"When uploaded to Atomic Learning, all video files are converted to .flv (Flash) movie format that cannot be viewed via QuickTime. To view these videos, change your player preference to Flash." This video shows how you can change your movie preferences from Flash to QuickTime.

Many Atomic Learning videos are in Flash (.flv) format. If Flash isn't installed on your computer or mobile device, the videos won't play. Currently, Adobe supports Flash only on PCs and MACs, not on mobile devices.

There are workarounds for iPads, iPhones and Android devices. Downloading and installing the Puffin browser is the easiest for both. Other options include finding a "retired" version of the Flash Player plug-in, installing it and using it with either Firefox or Dolphin browsers. Both browsers still support Flash on mobile devices.

This short video will show you how to search the Atomic Learning Library.

Note: You must be logged in to Blackboard to access Atomic Learning videos.


You can get technical help for Atomic Learning from the Home Page support link:

image: Atomic Learning Customer Support

You can find tutorials at the Atomic Learning Website. You will need to login to Blackboard first.

From the Atomic Learning website: "Atomic Learning’s website developers and quality assurance department use the WAVE tool from Web Aim in conjunction with the screen readers Jaws and VoiceOver to test the Atomic Learning website for accessibility and ensure all users are able to successfully use the site. Atomic Learning also consults users with physical and sensory disabilities to ensure their experience using the Atomic Learning resources is satisfactory. For technical specifications on how Atomic Learning meets section 508 of the rehabilitation act requirements, see our VPAT."