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What is the Student Aid Report that I received?

The Student Aid Report was emailed to you by the US Department of Education's federal application processor. It has important information that you should review.

  1. Review all of the data you provided and make sure it is accurate. If you find a mistake you can make corrections at the FAFSA website.
  2. Check on the last section and be sure you see Quinsigamond Community College listed as one of the schools that received your information.
  3. QCC encourages students and parents to use the IRS Data Retrieval tool as the fastest and most accurate means of providing tax information.  If you did not initially use IRS Data Retrieval you may be able to make a correction and utilize the tool.
  4. The federal processor matches some of your personal information with other federal agencies to verify that you have met certain eligibility requirements. If there is a mismatch you will be required to submit additional documentation to the Financial Aid Office. It is important to respond to all requests for additional information in a timely manner.