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What happens if I withdraw from the college? Can I still keep my financial aid?

If you attended classes, you are entitled to keep a portion of your financial aid, based on the date you officially withdraw. It is very important that you complete the official withdrawal process. A federally mandated calculation is done to determine how much of the financial aid you can keep. Basically, you earn a percentage of your financial aid for each day you attend classes. For example, if you attend 30% of the semester, you may keep 30% of your financial aid. Students who receive state grants or tuition waivers may be able to keep enough grant or waiver just to cover the costs of their tuition and fee charges. Once you attend 60% of the semester, you are considered to have earned 100% of your financial aid. If you receive a financial aid refund check and withdraw before earning 100% of your financial aid, you may be required to return some of these funds. More information is available in the Financial Aid Office.