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My class is using online course materials for which I need an access code. What do I do?

To get set up with your online course products, there are a few things you’ll need first:

  • Access to your course in Blackboard
  • Your syllabus  
  • Your textbook and the access code that came with the book, the access code card, OR the digital access code (emailed to your Qmail after purchasing from the bookstore).  

After you have the items listed above and have logged onto your Blackboard course, check your syllabus to learn exactly what steps your instructor wants you to follow. Some products require a Course code or ID, which your instructor will provide to you. Other products do not require a course code or ID. 

It is important to follow the instructions from your instructor, as some online course products must be accessed through Blackboard in order for you to be linked to the assignments your instructor wants you to complete.

If your instructor directs you to the course product website, follow the registration steps provided there. If accessing the assignments through Blackboard, once you click on an assignment or link connected with the online course product, you will be prompted to register. 

Be sure to remember your username and password that you created for this. (If you are asked to provide an email, it is recommended that you use your Qmail address.)

You’re into the online course product now. Always make sure to FIRST check your syllabus or assignment directions or with your instructor if you have any questions about what work you need to do and when it is due. Don’t assume that you must complete every assignment listed in the online material; always check your syllabus and with your instructor first.  

If taking an in-person, blended, or remote class, it is best to wait for your first class, as your instructor should provide you with details about how to use your online course materials.  If taking an online class, your instructor will usually post information about this in the syllabus or the announcements section of Blackboard.

This information is provided by the Online Learning Coaches and the General Academic Areas Tutoring Center. For further assistance with products from specific publishers, such as Cengage, McMillan, McGraw Hill or Pearson, please contact the Online Learning Coaches or logon to the General Academic Areas Tutoring Center in Blackboard. For instructions on how to access this, watch this video:

If you need assistance from an Online Learning Coach, use one of these contact options:  
Email: OnlineCourseHelp [at]   
Phone: 508.854.7455 (this is a landline and does not accept texts)
Text: 774.502.9270 (Tricia LaFountaine) or 774.502.9469 (Ann Panetta)
Starfish: We are listed in your Success Network.  
Zoom: The Online Learning Coaches also are available to meet with students in Zoom by appointment. Contact them using one of the methods listed above to schedule a time.