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My class uses Cengage textbook materials, how do I access them?

What you need:

  • Your syllabus (to reference your course and section number)
  • A course ID number (provided by your professor, usually on your syllabus)
  • Your access code (on the course materials you purchased)
  • Navigate to the product page, as instructed by your professor. This is usually provided on your syllabus.
  • Click on any option where it says “Register.”
  • Enter the information as it asks you to. This might include your name, your course and section number, your course ID number, and your access code. You may also have to sign up with a username and a password.

If you have issues with your username and password, contact the product company’s customer support line. If you need a course ID, contact your professor,

Make an appointment at the General Academic Areas Tutoring center by emailing  gaa [at] or calling 508.854.4279

Contact Cengage Directly: