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How do I increase the Accessibility of shared Digital Resources like files, flyers, and infographics?

When sharing resources via email, online, or in a Blackboard course, you want to ensure they are as widely accessible as possible.

One of the first and easiest things to do is to start with an accessible template.  Microsoft has free accessible Office Templates to download and use. It's always easier to begin with an accessible template than it is to go back and try to fix/edit an existing presentation to make it more accessible - easy is good!

Microsoft applications also have built-in accessibility checkers with information on how to fix and improve your files. They have lots of great tutorials and information on their website; check it out!

Do you send out infographics or flyers to students, faculty, & staff to advertise events or share information?  California State University Northbridge has great information to help you make these more accessible.

For a consolidated overview of making digital assets more accessible, view Butler University's LibGuide.

Still have questions?  

  • For faculty working with students requiring accommodations, contact the Student Accessibility Services Office.
  • For those who want to know more, cae [at] (contact the CAE) and schedule a 1-1 appointment with your friendly Instructional Designer.