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How do I get started with remote learning?

Don't know where to start?

For assistance, contact an Online Learning Coach.

Online Learning Coaches are here to help you succeed in classes in all modalities (blended, in-person, online, and remote) at QCC. Please use one of our contact methods listed below if you need help with any of the following:  

  • help navigating your Blackboard course  
  • accessing course materials  
  • accessing and/or submitting assignments  
  • using access codes for course software
  • logging onto your Zoom course  
  • using Zoom, Blackboard, Starfish, The Q,  student email,  or other online tools  

Watch a video about this service

If you need assistance from an Online Learning Coach, use one of these contact options:  

Email: OnlineCourseHelp [at]   
Phone: 508.854.7455  
Starfish: We are listed in your Success Network.  
Zoom: The Online Learning Coaches also are available to meet with students in Zoom by appointment. Contact them using one of the methods listed above to schedule a time.