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How do I access QMail?

At QCC, our student email system is powered by Google and our Faculty and Staff email is powered by Microsoft Outlook. Both systems are accessible from off campus and also allow you to receive email on your phone. 

Your full student email address is your Qmail username. You can find your username by logging into The Q. Where it displays "Welcome back your name..." in the top right, click “My Profile & Settings”

Click on Contact Information > Email Addresses  click the down arrow to view email address.

You may also contact the Registrar's Office, email is preferred at qccreg [at] or call the IT Service Desk at 508.854.4427 (You must know your Student ID number).

e.g. John Smith - Qmail user name is jsmith [at]

For technical support, contact the IT Service Desk, Technical Support.

  • Phone Number: 508.854.4427
  • Email: Help [at]
  • Help website 

We recommend that you test your QMail access one week prior to classes starting.