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Uchenna Onuzulike

Professor | James Madison University

Uchenna Onuzulike, who recently received a Ph.D. from the Department of Communication, Culture, and Media Studies at Howard University, credits Quinsigamond Community College for helping him find his passion.

“QCC transformed my life in many ways,” Dr. Onuzulike said. “Previously I had attended a four-year college, but I had to drop out, because of many reasons, one of which was my struggling with math courses.”

He said he took a summer math course at QCC, sought support at the math lab, and was able to overcome his struggles with the subject.

“My teachers at QCC were passionate and they helped me find my passion and the path to achieve it,” Mr. Onuzulike said.

He also recently served as a Doctoral Fellow in the School of Media Arts & Design at James Madison University, where he taught Mediated Communication: Issues & Skills. His research interests revolve around the construction and negotiation of ethnic, transnational and diasporic identities of second-generation (especially Igbo Americans) in the context of social media, language, and film; interrelationships of religion, culture, folk belief and identity as radiated and expressed in Nigerian (Nollywood) film; cultural studies; and African cinema.

Dr. Onuzulike earned an electronics certificate and an Associate degree in telecommunications technology from QCC. This led to an internship at Intel Hudson, where he was hired. During his time there, he completed his bachelor’s degree from Worcester State College as well as a master’s degree from Clark University. 

Dr. Onuzulike was a volunteer for Big Brothers and Sisters of Metro Worcester, from 2006 to 2008. He said working with youth in Worcester and serving as a role model was a great experience. He also was a member of the QCC Alumni Board from 2006 to 2009.

He now enjoys teaching and is seeking a full-time position.

“QCC helps prepare people for opportunities. The expansion downtown and on campus (with the QuEST, the new science and technology building under construction) will help them reach more students and increase visibility of the college,” he said. “I hope to return to Worcester one day to continue to give back to the city that helped shape me.”