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Shawn Sanders

Business & Office Technology Teacher | Bay Path Regional Vocational Technical High School

Even though he graduated from Bay Path Vocational Technical High School eighth in his class, Shawn Sanders didn’t consider attending college until his senior year. Intimidated by the thought of entering a four-year program, he opted for Quinsigamond Community College.

Shawn began his QCC experience as an accounting major, then switched to a Business Transfer degree program with a concentration in accounting, management and marketing. During his last four semesters, he earned a 4.0 GPA and was admitted to Phi Beta Kappa; he also started a small business club for students, a significant feat for someone so shy. Armed with his associate degree, he enrolled at Nichols College and earned a BA in Business, majoring in both accounting and finance.

His entry into the working world did not proceed as smoothly. He realized after only eight months at a local CPA firm that he preferred working with computers. For the next ten years, Shawn worked in Washington, DC, working his way from a technical support representative at various companies to a computer trainer at an international law firm. In the process, he developed a penchant for teaching. Coincidentally, his high school alma mater was seeking a teacher; life came full circle when Bay Path hired him. "I’ve been here now for five years. Everything I learned along the way has helped me be the teacher and person I am today," he said.

"I was a decent student at Bay Path, but blossomed at Quinsigamond. The school helped me get out of my shell and taught me how to study. It’s also helped me in the work-place as I’ve come out of the gate strong in every job I’ve had."

Even though his QCC years are behind him, he continues to promote the college every chance he gets. "I’m now selling my college alma mater to my students," he said.