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Ron Josephson

Owner | Power Guide Marketing, Inc. & Apogee Power Sources, Inc.

In the fall of 1967, Ron Josephson was interested in learning more about electronics and turned to a local, reputable source: Quinsigamond Community College. Little did he know that this decision would present some amazing career opportunities.

Under the tutelage of Professor Bob Gillies, head of the electronics department, Ron flourished and earned his associate degree in social science and electronic engineering.

After graduation, he landed a technician position at Raytheon Company and soon earned a promotion to engineer. During his nine years at Raytheon, Ron contributed designs to several important projects, including the Patriot Missile, the Aegis Combat System and Hawk Weapons System. His fingerprint can also be found on technology used in an Apollo space mission. "I give Bob Gillies credit for providing me with the foundation I needed to get into a company like Raytheon," Ron said. "I had the opportunity to work with some of the most brilliant people in the electronics world at Raytheon." Working at Raytheon proved to be more exciting than Ron imagined. In one instance, he came under mortar fire at Fort Devens from an Army Reserve group taking practice; in a helicopter flight from Fort Bliss to White Sands, he barely escaped a hit from a heat-seeking missile.His manufacturing representative firm specializes in power supplies for electronics suppliers in New England. Nine years later, in response to customer demand, Ron launched a second company, Apogee Power Sources, which designs and manufactures power supplies in China.

Throughout the years, Ron maintained ties to QCC. A College trustee and member of the QCC Foundation, he serves on the electronics advisory committee and has contributed to the structure of some technology programs. Ron also taught Electronics at QCC for many years as part of the adjunct faculty. As for Quinsigamond, he praises the dedicated and supportive faculty who helped launch a successful career in the electronics industry.