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Robert Johnson

Pharmaceutical Consultant

Robert Johnson, who founded his own pharmaceutical consulting company in 2010, credits Quinsigamond Community College with changing his path in life, helping him realize the importance of an education.

Mr. Johnson graduated from Burncoat Senior High School 1979 and then attended QCC from 1979-1981, before transferring to the University of Lowell. He transferred credits from Lowell to finish the program, earning his Associate degree in 1984, and going on to earn a Bachelor of Science and Master of Science in Chemistry.

“I just barely got through high school, but Quinsigamond gave me the opportunity to change that path. I got straight A’s in the engineering program. I saw I could succeed if I put forth the effort, I was ready to move on and work on a more constructive path,” he said.

Mr. Johnson grew up in Quinsigamond Village and was married at 20. By the time he was 27 he had four children.

Since 1987, he has lived in the Princeton, NJ area with Lori, his wife of 32 years (also from Worcester), where they have raised their four children. Mr. Johnson has held various positions in industry such as Research Associate, Chemist, Research Chemist, Group Leader, Quality Manager and Quality Executive in diverse industries such as Agriculture, Biotechnology, Pharmaceuticals, Drug Delivery, Hazards Analysis, Consumer Healthcare, and Medical Devices.

He is currently engaged with the consulting company he founded in 2010 and has provided services to many of the major pharmaceutical companies including a number of Massachusetts biotech companies.

About 10 years ago, he traveled to Guatemala with a church group, helping to bring supplies for a medical clinic and clean up and paint the clinic. He said that trip and other experiences made him thankful for his opportunities and want to help others. He also has been involved in providing English as a Second Language classes through the church community for the local Latino population.

Mr. Johnson has served as President of the Parenteral Drug Association Metro (NJ/NY) Chapter and was nominated as a delegate to the United States Pharmacopeial Convention in 2010.  He has presented his work at various national and international venues such as the International Agency for Research on Cancer, the Federation of Analytical Chemistry and Chemical Spectroscopy, the American Society for Quality, and the Parenteral Drug Association.

He has been involved in developing health standards for drugs, medical devices and dietary supplements.

He often thinks of his early days at QCC and has been an occasional guest lecturer at Raritan Valley Community College close to his home in Central NJ. As for Quinsigamond, he said he is thankful for the opportunity the school provided, which helped him launch a successful and prosperous career.