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David Chapin Jr.

Personal banker | Bank of America

Not only does QCC offer courses for an associate’s degree or for workplace advancement, but the school’s extracurricular activities also can help increase knowledge or boost your resume.

While at QCC, David Chapin, now a personal banker at Bank of America, became involved as a student trustee and student advisor to the Board of Higher Education. He said attending meetings of the state Board of Higher Education gave him a different vantage point and a better understanding of how the budget process works in the state.

“I was able to advocate for the community colleges as a student trustee during a time when budget cuts and other structural changes threatened the community colleges and their mission to serve,” Mr. Chapin said. “During these dialogues, the Student Advisory Council, which I chaired, held meetings visited by then Secretary of Education Paul Reville and the Commissioner of Higher Education Richard Freeland. In addition, I, along with other student leaders, delivered a letter to Gov. Deval Patrick and other members of the Massachusetts legislature to ask for more investment in Massachusetts public higher education.”

The experience also gave him self-confidence and knowledge, which he brings to his position as a personal banker and financial consultant. He speaks with students and parents about the opportunities offered by QCC.

“QCC really served as a springboard for me in my career,” Mr. Chapin said. A Worcester resident, he graduated from QCC in 2012 with his associate’s degree in business administration. He then took advantage of the Mass Transfer program, transferring to Nichols College to complete his finance degree.

Mr. Chapin grew up in Shrewsbury, and initially started college after high school, but was facing financial issues. After one year, he began working full-time in banking and bartending as well. He did this for about five years, intending to return to school. To further to progress in his career, he decided it was time.

“This is when I sought out Quinsigamond College, mainly because of the cost, and this was one of the greatest decisions I made. Not only was the cost conducive to my financial woes, in addition the span of student ages benefited me immensely,” he said.

“I was able to foster relationships that continue today,” Mr. Chapin said of his experience at QCC. He said small class sizes allowed for more direct interaction with professors, some of whom he still seeks out for advice.

“It is an honor to be named a Guardian because it means I had an impact on others, both students and faculty, that I positively affected them,” he said.

He has recently volunteered with Habitat for Humanity through Bank of America. Earlier this fall, Bank of America launched a multi-city build in partnership with Habitat for Humanity, to focus on helping low-income families create opportunities to experience the security that home ownership brings.