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Course Requirements

Course and credit requirementsNotes
English Composition & Literature I
(3 credits)
ENG 101
English Composition & Literature II 
(3 credits)
ENG 102
College Algebra or
Topics in Mathematics or
Statistics   (one course – 3 credits)
In order to meet QCC graduation requirements, learner must complete MAT 100, MAT 121, MAT 122 or any college level MAT course.  In order to meet the requirements of MassTransfer, learner must complete MAT 121 or higher.
Strategies for College & Career or
Self Assessment & Career Planning
(3 credits)
PSY 115 is recommended for students placing into ENG 100 or ENG 101. ORT 110 is recommended for students placing into ENG 090, ENG 091, ENG 095, ENG 096 or ESL courses.  Students must complete either PSY 115 or ORT 110 prior to the completion of twenty credits in order to register for additional courses in the General Studies Program.
Critical Thinking & Problem Solving
(3 credits)
HUM 101
Speech Communication Skills
(3 credits)
SPH 101
History Elective
(3 credits)
HST ---
Behavioral Science Elective
(3 credits)
Behavioral Sciences involve seeking to discover general truths about human behavior. Courses with the following designations are considered Behavioral Science Electives:
Anthropology (ANT)
Psychology     (PSY)
Sociology       (SOC)
Program Electives 
(4 courses - 12 credits)
Program Electives are:
a. Courses with the objective of preparing students for a specific occupation or semester of occupations.
b. Courses that have been recommended based upon the student’s Academic and Career Plan.
c. Courses that meet developmental, core, or general education requirements are not program electives.
Humanities Elective
(two courses – one must be 200 level – 6 credits)
The Humanities courses present knowledge concerned with humanity and world culture: philosophy, literature, and the fine arts. These arts are distinguished from the sciences and are produced or intended primarily for beauty, not utility. Sculpture, painting, drawing, architecture, literature, drama, music, and dance are examples of such expressions. Courses with the following designations are considered Humanities Electives:
American Sign Language (ASL); Art excluding Interactive Media courses (ART); English (ENG); French (FRC); German (GER); Humanities (HUM); Music (MUS); Philosophy (PHI); Spanish (SPN); Speech (SPH)
Laboratory Science Elective
(two courses – 8 credits)
Electives that are specifically designated as Lab Science Electives require a science that includes lab, which are all 4 credit courses. Four credit courses with the following designations are considered lab science electives Biology (BIO) (excludes BIO 140); Physics (PHY); Chemistry (CHM); Science (SCI)
Social Science Elective
(two courses – 6 credits)
All the social sciences are concerned with the study of people and their behavior, both individually and as a member of groups, nations, cultures and societies. Courses with the following designations are considered Social Science Electives: Anthropology (ANT); Economics (ECO); Geography (GEO); History (HST); Political Science (PSC); Psychology (PSY); Social Science (SOS); Sociology (SOC)
Elective (two courses - 6 credits)Any college level course qualifies as an elective, and a student may enroll in any college level course for which s/he meets the prerequisites.