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Assessment Mission Statement

The General Education Student Learning Outcomes Assessment Committee, comprised of faculty and professional staff, supports our colleagues in their assessment endeavors by developing and sharing tools to assess students’ mastery of the College’s General Education Learning Outcomes.

Mission-guided activities of the Committee include:

  • Identify and specify performance criteria related to each of the College’s General Education Learning Outcomes
  • Develop rubrics to assess students’ attainment of performance criteria as they complete their QCC careers
  • Develop and implement methodologies to gather and interpret assessment data
  • •Collaborate with faculty, staff, and the College Administration to amend assessment materials and methods through successive iterations of the assessment cycle

In all of our activities, the Committee’s priorities include:

  • Defending the academic integrity and freedom of all constituents of Quinsigamond Community College with respect to General Education outcomes assessment
  • Preserving the anonymity of all college students and employees during all phases of the assessment process
  • Drawing upon college-wide resources and expertise