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Note: All associate degree programs at Quinsigamond require ENG 101 and ENG 102 except specific technical programs for which ENG 105 is recommended.

ENG 101 Composition I   3 credits     ENG 101 Student Learning Outcomes

In Composition I, students write a minimum of four essays in multiple drafts in addition to shorter writing assignments, such as journals or discussion posts, with emphasis on audience awareness; critical thinking and reading; thesis development; organization; and grammatical correctness. Readings from various disciplines provide writing models and material for analysis of ideas. Students also evaluate, incorporate, and document sources from print, Internet, and library databases to support their writing.

Prerequisites: A grade of “C” or better in ENG 096; a grade of “C “ or better in ENG 091; or appropriate placement score     F/S/SU*

ENG 102 Composition II    3 credits     ENG 102 Student Learning Outcomes

In Composition II, students produce a minimum of four essays of carefully crafted prose. Student writers practice integrating and citing readings from academic disciplines, including literature; their research-based documented essays are expected to reflect the ethical standards of formal argument.

Prerequisite: ENG 101   F/S/SU

ENG 105 Technical Writing*

This course focuses on writing letters, memos, resumes, lab reports, instructions/processes and technical descriptions, and design visual aids. Instructional emphasis is placed on clarity, correctness, conciseness, audience, precision, accuracy, organization, and document design in writing technical documents

Prerequisite: ENG 101   F/S/SU

*This course may replace ENG 102 in specific technical programs for students whose primary goal is employment after graduation.

Developmental Reading and Writing Courses

The college offers several basic reading and writing courses to prepare students for college level study. Course selection is determined by an English placement test; this assessment is required for students who have not completed a college level English course. These developmental English courses cannot be used to satisfy degree or certificate requirements.

  •     ENG 090 Basic Reading Skills  3 credits
        Prerequisite:  Appropriate placement score.
  •     ENG 091 Intermediate Reading Skills  3 credits
        Prerequisites: ENG 090 with a grade of “C” or higher; or appropriate placement score
  •     ENG 095 Basic Writing Skills (EN 095)  3 credits
        Prerequisite: Appropriate placement score.
  •     ENG 096 Intermediate Writing Skills 3 credits
        Prerequisites: ENG 095 with a grade of “C” or higher; or appropriate placement score.

Elective Courses in English Composition and Literature

These courses may not be offered every semester; ENG 102 is a prerequisite for all 200-level courses. All are 3 credits.

  •     ENG 200 Children’s Literature
  •     ENG 202 Creative Writing
  •     ENG 203 Writing Poetry
  •     ENG 204 Writing Fiction
  •     ENG 205 Technical and Workplace Writing
  •     ENG 212 Death & Dying in Literature 
  •     ENG 215 The Hero in Literature, Myth, & Film
  •     ENG 231 Masterpieces of World Literature I
  •     ENG 231 Masterpieces of World Literature II
  •     ENG 241 British Literature I
  •     ENG 242 British Literature II
  •     ENG 251 American Literature I
  •     ENG 252 American Literature II
  •     ENG 256 The Short Story
  •     ENG 260 Special Topics in English
  •     ENG 261 African American Literature I
  •     ENG 262 African American Literature II

SPH 101 Speech Communication Skills

3 credits
This course covers organization and delivery skills, and the development of confidence necessary for effective oral communication. Students organize speeches for both specific and general audiences; and prepare and present extemporaneous and impromptu speeches on a variety on contemporary issues. Students implement principles and practices of public communication through evaluated classroom activities including the use of PowerPoint presentations.
Pre/Corequisite: ENG 101.

*F -- Fall, S -- Spring, SU -- Summer