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Most transactions in business depend on successful communications. Memos, e-mails, power-point presentations, reports, letters, marketing plans, brochures and proposals are the primary conventions that characterize organizational communication.

The challenge for students is to think like business professionals and learn how to write effectively for various situations. Informing or persuading an audience depends on prose that is concise, clear and appropriate for the intent. Skillful business writing addresses the needs and expectations of specific audiences.

The Kinds of Questions Business Writers Ask


  • What does the client need? How will my product/ service/ plan design, etc. benefit the client?
  • What does the supervisor need to know to authorize me to proceed? What does the supervisor already know? How can I target my report to address the supervisor’s specific concerns?
  • What qualifications do I have for the job, task, project, etc., to accomplish the job effectively?