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Laurance S. Morrison, APR

Lifetime Director

Mr. Morrison has served on the QCC Foundation Board since 2009, playing a key role in the development of QCC’s campus in Southbridge. In addition to appointments to various committees by four Massachusetts governors, Mr. Morrison has served as a board member at Harrington Hospital, Chairman of YOU, Inc., chaired the 5-town Tantasqua Regional School Committee, and is a Corporator of the Greater Worcester Community Foundation, among others.  An Indiana native, Mr. Morrison holds a B.A. in History from Brandeis University, with advanced studies in International Relations at the University of Notre Dame and a graduate fellowship at the Washington Journalism Center.  Mr. Morrison served in the Navy for 39 months, and has worked as a political reporter for Newsday in New York City, a press secretary in city government and senior level manager at the Pratt Institute and Old Sturbridge Village.  He also taught public-sensitive communications in Harvard University's continuing education program.  Mr. Morrison retired in 2009 as President of his own policy formulation firm in Sturbridge, having served a broad range of clients – from biotech to higher education.  He is a member of the College’s South County Leadership Group.  In September of 2016, Mr. Morrison was voted in as a “Lifetime Director.”