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Bridge to Dental Hygiene Initiative

Dental Assisting Graduates may be eligible to by-pass the Dental Hygiene wait list if the following criteria are met:

  1. Minimum grade point average of 3.3
  2. Minimum grades of “B” in all QCC DHY courses
  3. Minimum “A-“ in the DAS 151, DAS 153, and DAS 155 courses
  4. Two recommendations from QCC DHY core course faculty of which one is from a full-time faculty member
  5. BIO 111 and BIO 112 must be completed prior to the start of Fall classes with a passing grade of "C" or better.
  6. Current dental hygiene admissions requirements including a minimum "B" grade in Biology and Chemistry as well as the TEAS test will be waived.  These requirements may be used to determine eligibility if more than two students qualify for admission.

Two seats in the dental hygiene freshmen class will be reserved for currently enrolled dental assistants scheduled to graduate in this current academic year.  Students must bridge directly from the Dental Assisting program to the Dental Hygiene program.  "Bridge" selection applications may be obtained from the dental assisting program coordinator.  Decisions will be made by April 15th each year.