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Managing QCC Intranet Sites

Managing QCC Intranet Sites

(Hypertext Links and Content)

QCCWeb provides both an Internet presence and Intranet capabilities for Quinsigamond Community College. The system is managed using of team of people with varied responsibilities each of which is critical to success of the site. All Web Site activity will conform to the QCC World Wide Web publishing policy.

1.       The QCC Web Team consists of members from each department. The team works to identify content and services to be placed online, proof read content, and serve as an advisory board to the Web staff.

2.       Each department or organization will assign an editor that is an employee of the College.

3.       Each departmental or organization web site is created as a “Sub-Web” of the College’s web server that is accessed using Microsoft FrontPage.

4.       Within the departmental web area there will be a file called index.htm that contains links to department content and form documents. The content documents will contain information and hypertext links relating to the departments activities.

5.       The Webmaster will maintain links to the departmental index page and the departmental "Content Editor" will maintain the departmental index and content pages for the sub-web. The department manager and the content editor are jointly responsible for the freshness and appropriateness of the information contained within the department’s web space. (refer to the College’s World Wide Web Publishing Policy)

6.       Network Services can only provide limited programming support at this time. (e.g. Web forms and small database usage)

7.       The Academic Computing/ Instructional Technology Area will provide support for HTML relating to Distance Education efforts.

8.       The Instructional Technology area will also assist with the creation of any Multimedia objects to be placed on the WWW servers.

Getting Started with a Website

1)      Identify the staff member responsible for editing your content.

2)      Send email to webmaster [at] In the body include the name, phone extension, and office location of the department or organization web editor.

3)      Register the web editor up for FrontPage Training (please note that even if you have used FrontPage there are certain practices associated with the overall management of the Web site that the editor will need to know.

4)      The Webmaster will create your space to be available for your training.

5)      FrontPage will be installed on the content editor’s computer.