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Pink Patch Project

  • Quinsigamond Police Department members wearing their pink patch shirts
  • Pink Patches

The Pink Patch Project ( #PinkPatchProject) is an innovative public awareness campaign designed to bring attention to the fight against breast cancer and to support breast cancer research organizations in combating this devastating disease. 

each public safety agency collaborating in the #PinkPatchProject campaign has partnered with a cancer research organization or support group in their respective communities the proceeds from sale of these items will go directly to benefit cancer research and treatment at their chosen organization. 

$5.00 a patch

Patch Locations:

  1. Quinsigamond Police Department-136AC
  2. QCC Follett Bookstore 

For more information about  Quinsigamond Pink Patch Project including how to purchase patches please contact Campus Police at 508.854.4221 or email us at campuspolice [at] .