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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I contact campus police?

  • EMERGENCY 4444 or 508.854.4444 
  • Non-emergency business line x4221 or 508.854.4221
  • Call boxes are located throughout the campus. Call boxes provide a direct connection to Campus Police when in need of assistance. 

Where can I find the campus police office?

670 West Boylston St.
Worcester, MA 01606
Tele: 508.854.4221 Fax: 508.854.4571

The Campus Police Office can be found in the Athletic Center room 136AC.

The main entrance for Campus Police is located on the west side of the building nearest the Suprenant Building. Visitor parking is located in all student lots 1-5. 

How do I contest or pay a parking ticket?

Appeal or Pay parking ticket. 

Where do I park when I am not a staff, faculty, or a student?

Parking lots have been designated for visitors. These parking lots are located on the upper part of campus. Visitors and students who park in faculty or staff parking spaces will be ticketed.


Visit the Campus Map for more information.

Where do I get a faculty or staff decal?

Staff parking decals are available in Campus Police 136 AC.

  • You will need to know your car's MAKE, MODEL, YEAR, LICENSE PLATE NUMBER, and COLOR
  • Please bring your staff ID with you at the time of request.