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Fire Codes & Holiday Decorations

Please enjoy your holidays but remember safety first!

  • NO live Christmas trees or wreaths are allowed in any of the academic buildings. 
  • No artificial trees are allowed to obstruct corridors, exit ways or other means of egress.
  • If artificial trees are used they must be at least 15-20 feet away from any entrance/exit, an extinguisher in close proximity, and if building has fire suppression preferable under a sprinkler head.  All decoration must be flame retardant.
  • Small table top trees are allowed as long as they are under 3 feet and have flame retardant ornaments. 
  • Live wreathes may be hung on the outside of exterior doors.
  • The only decorative (mini lights) lights allowed are the low voltage decorative lights that are UL rated for inside use only and a maximum of 3 strings of lights. Lights must be plugged into a surge protector to prevent a trip breaker or shortage in wall.  If not UL tested a fine of $100.00 is possible.
  • No lights can be installed on the all-metal artificial trees.
  • When installing the decorative lights, use caution not to tack or staple through the wire or run wires under rugs or through door jambs. Check light cords for cracked sockets or frayed wires prior to putting them up.
  • No decorative lighting will be hung from the ceiling or in any of the hallways. Excessive decorations on interior doors/offices are prohibited.
  • Candles are not permitted in any building.- $1000 and up fine. 
  • Turn off all decorative lights when you leave the office.
  • Do NOT leave lights on over night. - State fine of $500.00 to the individual person not the college. Individual responsibility.

The above rules and regulations come from 527 CMR 21.00 or 527 CMR 12.00 and the States Fire Marshals Office.