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Worcester Parking Ban Information

From December 1st to April 30th, there is no parking on one or both sides of the below listed streets between 2 a.m. and 6 a.m. and also when a snow emergency, is declared anytime day or night.

The streets listed below have a permanent winter parking ban because they fall into one of the following categories: Emergency Arteries, WRTA Bus Routes or streets that are critical to the flow of traffic.

Streets NOT listed below are governed by a new "declared" winter parking ban. This means that parking is allowed on both sides of the street until the winter parking ban is put into effect. You can expect the winter parking ban to go into effect whenever inclement weather is forecasted.

If you are unsure about the parking regulations on your street, please call us at 508-929-1300 or visit our web site at

The following streets are part of the Permanent Winter Parking Ban:

  • Abington St. Commonwealth Ave Grafton St. Lexington St. Olean St. Sunrise Ave Airport Dr. Concord St. Granite St. Lincoln St. Park Ave Tacoma St. Aldrich St. Coppage Dr. Green St. Linden St. Parkton Ave Temple St.
  • Alvarado Ave Coral St. Greenwood St. Lovell St. Pearl St. Tennyson St. Anna St. Country Club Blvd Grove St. Lowell St. Prospect St. Thomas St. Ararat St. Davenport St. Hamilton St. Ludlow St. Piedmont St. Triangle St.
  • Austin St. Dorchester St. Harding St. * Madison St. Plantation St. Tuckerman St. Aylesbury Rd. Drummond Ave Harrington Way Main St. Pleasant St. Union St.
  • Bailey St. Dutton St. Harrison St. Maiden St. Portland St. Upland Gardens Dr. Ballard St. Eastern Ave Harvard St. Malvern Rd. Providence St. Upland St. Barber Ave. Edward St. Heard St. Maple St. Putnam Lane Upsala St. Belmont St. Edwidge St. Heywood St. Maple Terrace Queen St. Venus Dr. Blithewood Ave Elm St. High St. Market St. Quinsigamond Ave Vernon St. Boyce St. Endicott St. Highland St. Massasoit Rd. Randolph Rd Waldo St. Boylston St. Erie Ave * Holcombe St. May St. Richmond Ave Walnut St.
  • Brattle St. Everett Gaylord Blvd Holden St. Maywood St. Salem St. Washington Sq. Brooks St. Exchange St. Hooper St. McKeon Rd. Salisbury St. Water St.
  • Buckley Rd. Fairhaven Rd. Hope Ave Mechanic St. School St. Webster St. Burncoat St. Federal St. Hospital Dr Melrose St. Service Rd. West Boylston Dr.* Cambridge St. First St. Hudson St. Mill St. * Sever St. West Boylston St. Canterbury St. Flagg St. Institute Rd. Millbrook St. Shore Dr. Westborough St. Canton St. Forest St. Irving St.. Millbury St. * Shrewsbury St. Whipple St.
  • Central St. Foster St. James St. Mountain St. East South Ludlow St. Wigwam Ave Chandler St.* Francis McGrath Jennings St. Mountain St. West Southbridge St. Williamsberg Dr. Chatham St. * Frank St. Johnson Tunnel Mower St. * Spofford Rd. Winter St. *
  • Chester St. Franklin St. June Si. Murray Ave St. Nicholas Ave Woodbury St. Chestnut St. * Fremont St. King St. Myrtle St. Stafford St. Woodland St.
  • Clark St. Front St. Lake Ave Natural History Rd. State St. Worc. Center Blvd. Coburn Ave Goddard Memorial Dr Lake Ave North Newbury St. Summer St.
  • College St. Gold Star Blvd Lancaster St. Northeast Cutoff Sunderland Rd. Commercial St. Goldsberry St. Laurel St. * Norwich St. Sunnyhill Dr.

*Parking restrictions vary, please call or use web site for specific information