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Brothers & Keepers Club

Brothers & Keepers Wyvern

The Brothers & Keepers Club is designed to assist students in obtaining the confidence, resources and skills needed to succeed academically and socially in the community and at Quinsigamond Community College. The club places emphasis on academic success and also addresses retention and transitional issues that impact college student development. The club is open to all males enrolled in the college.

We serve those who:

  • may be misunderstood, written off and overlooked.
  • may be young fathers, caregivers and bread winners.
  • may have never been challenged to reach their full potential.
  • may have never had a positive male role model but are expected to understand what it means to be an upstanding, responsible man and productive citizen.
  • may have many outside factors working against them but are determined to be successful.
  • have been challenged by low expectations and no self-confidence.
  • need guidance and structure around what it means to be a professional.
  • may be marginalized, criminalized, and demonized.
  • deal with academic, social and familial challenges on a daily basis.
  • may be challenged on a daily basis by negative peer pressures.

By choosing to participate in the Brothers & Keepers Program, I pledge to:

  • Show full commitment to the program.
  • Motivate and empower my peers in the spirit of brotherhood.
  • Make a commitment to being matched with my mentor and maintain regular and frequent contacts with my mentor, a minimum of three contacts per semester. At least one of these should be a face-to-face exchange.
  • Have a positive attitude and be respectful of my mentor, peers and program advisors.
  • Share my personal and professional plans and goals.
  • Learn new things; be responsive to suggestions and constructive criticism.
  • Be on time for scheduled meetings with mentor and any planned events.
  • Discuss my successes and failures while navigating educational, personal and social experiences.
  • Inform Brothers & Keepers advisors of any difficulties or areas of concern that may arise in the mentor/mentee relationship.

I agree to follow all the above stipulations of this program as well as any other conditions as instructed by the Brothers & Keepers Program advisors at this time or in the future.