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2021 Alumni Association Election

In accordance with the Alumni Association’s bylawsthe following three positions are open for election.

QCC Alumni Association Advisory Board President Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Presides the Advisory Board meetings
  • Calls special meetings as needed
  • Serves as official spokesperson of the Advisory Board
  • Attends appropriate functions or meetings
  • Appoints members of the Advisory Board to committees and projects approved by the Board
  • Signs all official documents
  • Serves as an ex-officio member of all Association committees
  • Serves on the QCC Foundation Board representing the Alumni Association

QCC Alumni Association Advisory Board Vice President Duties and Responsibilities:

  • In the absence of the President, presides the Advisory Board meetings
  • Performs duties and responsibilities as designated by the President
  • Co-sign official documents of the Association when appropriate
  • May exercise all of powers and duties of the President during the absence of the President

QCC Alumni Association Advisory Board Secretary Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Record the minutes of all meetings
  • Be the custodian of Board records, files, and correspondence
  • In charge of all communications and information distribution to the Alumni Association Advisory Board, including monthly meeting agendas


  • All QCC alumni are eligible to submit nominations. Nominations must be received no later than 11:59 PM on Wednesday, March 31, 2021.
  • To nominate alumni, including yourself, to serve on the Alumni Association Advisory Board, submit a nomination via one of the following methods:
  • Use the online form or email alumni [at] 

Nominations must include:

  1. Name of nominee
  2. Year of graduation or last year you attended QCC
  3. Program of study
  4. Nominee email
  5. Position running for (President, Vice President, Secretary)
  6. At least three sentences about why you are running for this position
  7. Submit a photo


  • Elections are conducted by ballot every two years. Ballots will be emailed to members sixty (60) days prior to the Annual Meeting, held this year.
  • Positions will be elected at each election by the membership and shall serve until their successors are elected. The President and Vice President may not serve more than two (2) two-year consecutive terms in the same office.

2021 Alumni Association Election Form

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