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Tuition and Fees: Intersession 2018

Tuition and Educational Service Fee

The Tuition and Educational Service Fee cost for Massachusetts residents is $197 per credit ($24 tuition / $173 educational service fee).  For all other students the cost is $403 per credit ($230 tuition / $173 educational service fee).  There are additional fees each semester based on enrollment (see below).

Additional Fees

Registration Fee (per semester) $55
Student ID Fee (once per year) $30
Technology/Energy Fee (per semester)

$25 for students registered for 1-8 credits
$40 for students registered for 9+

Facilities Fee (per semester) $25 for students registered for 1-8 credits
$40 for students registered for 9+ credits
Lab Fee (per lab course) $65

Out-of-state tuition includes evening courses and  the Summer and Intersession semesters.

Experience-based education fees for challenge exams are $50 per credit.  Portfolio assessments are $65 per credit. Credentialing fee is $50 per credit. Credit cost for QCC sponsored learning (direct study and tutorial study) is the same cost as credit courses. Please contact the Credit for Prior Learning Office for additional information at 508.854.4380.


The Intersession 2018 semester begins January 2, 2018.

Full payment is due upon registration.  Payment plans are not available for the Intersession semester.

Payment can be made in the Student Payment Center, room 65A in the Administration Building. If you have any questions please contact the Student Payment Center by phone at 508.854.4560 or by email at businessoffice [at] from your student Qmail account.  Please include your ID.

Students who have not paid or made arrangements to pay their tuition and fee bill prior to the start of the semester risk being removed from their class schedule due to non-payment. It is the student's responsibility to notify the Registrar's Office if the student will not attend.

Tuition and Fees Refund Policy

Intersession 2018 % of Total Charges
Drop through: 01/02/18 100%
Withdrawal through to the following date: 01/03/18 50%
Withdrawal as of: 01/04/18 0%

Refund Limitations

  1. Official withdrawal must be made in the Registrar's Office, room 152A in the Administration Building.
  2. Any waivers must be submitted to the Business Office prior to the start of the semester to be considered for a refund or adjustment.
  3. Students will be refunded only that portion of the tuition and fees paid by them; financial aid and other contracted agency payments will be refunded directly to the paying party.
  4. Mandatory health insurance premiums are not refundable to any student after the first 21 class days of the term.

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