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Liberal Arts – Theater Option

Liberal Arts - Theater Option Fall 2020 Virtual Student Production

Director's Note: Young Artists, the people who have created this production, are directly influenced by the world we live in.  Not only do they see the beauty of the world, but also the thoughts and feelings portrayed in the art that is laid in front of them by the world at large.  We see it writ plain in the graffiti and our environment ... the beautiful and the ugly lying in stark contrast.  This is the world we inhabit; the world that we shape, and the world that shapes us.  Where there is life, there is hope.


The opinions, assertions, and viewpoints expressed herein belong solely to the respective authors of this video, and do not necessarily express the opinions, assertions, and/or viewpoints of Quinsigamond Community College. 

Special thanks to our talented students:

  • Gracie Curtis
  • Amma Kwarteng
  • Gaby Lucey
  • Ace Mejia
  • Kat Meyer
  • Snoopy Meyer
  • Mary Tisdell
  • Lettie Ramirez
  • Everett Rivera
  • Justice Nuñez
  • Tony Rivera
  • Vidal Nuñez
  • Vidalyssi Nuñez