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Your Way

Your way

QCC understands the urgency of being unemployed or underemployed and the multiple stressors that make it difficult to get training, education or re-training. We understand that everyday life, a family, or other obligations can be obstacles that may block traditional educational pathways. QCC collaborates with industry partners, workforce development agencies and local businesses to bring you relevant and timely education that you can use NOW. Better still, you can add on to these credentials at a later date, earning credits and eventually an Associate degree from QCC.

QCC offers programs that are:

  • Flexible – Attend day, evening, weekend, online, or blended classes.
  • Accelerated – Take advantage of credit for prior learning and shorter-length courses.
  • Customizable – Choose classes according to your schedule, based on what you need now.
  • Stackable – Build upon training and education by earning industry credentials and career skills each step of the way towards your certificate or degree.

Your college step ladder