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The 30k Commitment


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You can now earn your associate and bachelor’s degrees for $30,000--and get the education and training you need for a high-demand career. Start your educational path at Quinsigamond Community College, earn an associate degree, and transfer to Fitchburg State University or Worcester State University.


Degree Earn Your Associate Degree Complete Your Bachelor’s Degree
qcc.jpg ws.jpg f.jpg
Business Administration check.jpg check.jpg check.jpg
Computer Science check.jpg check.jpg check.jpg
Criminal Justice check.jpg   check.jpg
Early Childhood Education check.jpg check.jpg  
Elementary Education check.jpg check.jpg  
Pre-Pharmacy with transfer to Biology check.jpg   check.jpg
Pre-Pharmacy with transfer to Chemistry check.jpg   check.jpg


The versatility of Central Massachusetts’ public higher education institutions gives students a range of affordable options. Earn 2 degrees in 4 years in your chosen field for $30,000, making it one of the most affordable options in the entire Northeast.
In order to qualify you must be:

  • Full time
  • Non-residential
  • In-state
  • College ready

Your cost may be further reduced if you are eligible for financial aid.


Students commit to:
30-cred.jpg graduating.jpg
30 credits per year Graduating in 4 years
Schools commit to:
locking.jpg 2-degrees.jpg
Locking in at a low rate of $30,000 2 degrees in 4 years
offering.jpg align.jpg
Offering high interest programs that are high demand in the workforce Aligning educational options with regional needs


These four institutions aim to develop students’ career potential while meeting the workforce needs of Massachusetts. The programs offered support economic growth and vitality throughout our region.