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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is eligible to receive Counseling Services?

Services are available to all QCC students who are not presently being treated by other mental health professionals, such as psychiatrist, psychologist or therapists.

When is counseling provided?

Office hours are Monday thru Friday from 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.

Where is counseling provided?

Counseling Services are located in Room 162A.

Do you have to make an appointment?

First contacts can be by appointment, walk-in or telephone. On-going counseling is made by appointment, only.

Are Counseling and Advising services the same?

No, although both are professional services offered by the college, counseling is strictly in reference to personal problems, whereas advising is relative to academic issues.

What is counseling at QCC?

Counseling is the opportunity to talk about your problem, choose your options and solutions and find support to help you to reach your goals.

Why do people go to counseling services?

Students may be experiencing anxiety, relationship problems, financial crisis, loss, abuse or depression.

Who will know that I have gone to counseling?

Counseling services are confidential, unless you give written permission to release your information that is to be shared with a specific professional. Should you indicate that you are suicidal or will do harm to others, you relinquish your right to confidentiality and the counselor will notify the appropriate authorities.

Can anyone provide counseling?

Many professionals can provide you with excellent advice, however a counselor is a licensed mental health professional whose training and licensure prepares them to address your mental health and wellness needs.

What other resources can I find in Counseling?

Screenings for depression, stress, anxiety and eating disorders are available, as well as related books, videos, pamphlets and workbooks. The counselor also provides a variety of classroom presentations and assists students with special projects to promote a better understanding of mental health.