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Where in the World is the Wyvern?

October, 2017
  • From left: Priscilla Witherspoon, Clerk III and the Assistant VP of Extended Campuses Operations, Victor Somma, Jr.
  • The Wyvern was trying to cool off recently in sunny Costa Mesa.

The Wyvern has been mighty busy lately crisscrossing the globe! It was spotted in some pretty crazy wheels in Southbridge earlier this month with fearless Priscilla Witherspoon,Clerk III, and the Assistant VP of Extended Campuses Operations,Victor Somma, Jr.

Its next stop was Costa Mesa,California where It spent time with Kristie Proctor, Director of Disability Services and Terri Rodriguez, Associate Director of Disability Services, at the 24th Annual Students In Transition Conference. Where will It show up next? 

If you've seen the Wyvern, please let us know!  Send your photos and descriptions through the newsletter submission form.