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QCC Southbridge

QCC southbridge

QCC Southbridge is located at 5 Optical Drive, in Southbridge, MA. Services, including Admissions, Financial Aid, Enrollment Counseling, Disability Services, Advising, and Assessment Testing are located on the first floor.

If you are interested in taking courses at QCC Southbridge please call 774.318.2110 to make an appointment in Southbridge for more information. You may also make an appointment or walk-in at the Main Campus location at 670 West Boylston Street, Worcester, MA.

Courses scheduled for QCC Southbridge are listed on the following page. Remember, you may be able to schedule all or some of your courses at QCC Southbridge. You may also find that a combination of QCC Southbridge courses and online courses will provide an opportunity for you to minimize your travel time. With day and evening classes Monday through Thursday and day classes Friday and Saturday our NEW Southbridge location at 5 Optical Drive is the most convenient way to secure your future. Whether you are beginning your college education, taking additional classes toward your degree, or enrolling in career training to get the job skills you need to succeed, QCC Southbridge is great place to start!