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Pharmacy Technician

Program Goals: 
This course provides students with the knowledge needed to prepare for a career as a pharmacy technician.
Student Learning Outcomes: 
Upon completion of the program graduates will be able to:
  • Gain knowledge regarding the laws of pharmacy practice
  • Learn drug names and classification, compounding, calculations, abbreviations and dosage forms.
  • Perform various pharmacy technician duties.
  • Refine communication and interview skills.
  • Assist the pharmacist as directed.
CORI, SORI, Finger Printing & Drug Testing: 
A Criminal Offenders Record Information (CORI) and Sexual Offenders Record Information (SORI) are required. Finger printing and drug testing may also be required. Students should be aware that a prior or current history of criminal or sexual record could prevent them from participation in the clinical externship.
Additional Cost: 
Students should anticipate additional expenses for clinical uniforms, professional liability insurance, clinical parking fees, and materials required in the program.
Technical Performance Standards: 
See page 17 in the catalog or the Technical Performance Standards page.
Credit for Prior Learning: 
Students enrolled in this program may be able to earn academic credit for prior learning.  Please contact the office of Career Placement Services at careerservices [at] qcc [dot] mass [dot] edu, 508-854-4439, Room 272 A.
Career Outlook: 
Please consult The Massachusetts Career Information System at http://masscis.intocareers.com/  or The Occupational Outlook Handbook at http://www.bls.gov/oco/ for specific occupational information.
Transfer Articulations & Opportunities: 
Prospective students may learn more about transfer articulation agreements at the following link: http://www.qcc.mass.edu/transfer/ArticPathways.html . More information regarding transfer opportunities is available at: http://www.qcc.mass.edu/transfer.
Additional Information: 
  • Provide documentation of immunization currency and satisfactory health status prior to beginning clinical experiences. Students are required to meet the health requirements as identified on the QCC Health Form. Students who have not been cleared by QCC’s Health Care Compliance officer of the respective year will not be able to participate in the clinical experience.
  • This is a great opportunity for students to gain entry level employment in the healthcare field prior to matriculating into a selective program.
  • Must take the college placement test to determine Math and English levels if no college level courses were previously completed.
  • Students should note that some first semester courses carry minimum prerequisites.  Refer to the program grid.
  • Students will increase their chances of obtaining employment by completing both the theoretical courses (ALH 137) and the Clinical Externship (ALH 138).
Course Title Course # Semester Offered Plan to Take Grade Credits Prerequisites
Semester 1
Introduction to the Health Professions ALH 101 F/S/SU     3 ENG 091 and ENG 096 or approp place score
Introduction to English Composition* ENG 100 F/S/SU     3 ENG 091 and ENG 096 or approp place score
Introduction to Medical Terminology ALH 102 F/S/SU     3 Coreq-ENG 100 or approp place score
Introduction to Microcomputer Applications CIS 111 F/S/SU     3  
Principles of Human Biology BIO 100 F/S/SU     4 ENG 100 or approp place score
Pharmacy Technician ALH 137 F/S/SU     3 MAT 090, ENG 091 and ENG 096 or approp place score
Pharmacy Technician Clinical Co-Operative Externship ALH 138       6 ALH 137
Total credits required: 25  

Program Notes:

  • If students complete the Health Certificate, maintain a GPA of 3.0 and meet the admission requirements of a Healthcare program (see Programs of Study listing on pages 51 and 52) they will be guaranteed admission on a space available basis.

*If student meets the ENG 100 based on a placement score, PSY 101 can be substituted.